Stuck in the mud? Here's what to do!

Here in the Midwest, we've experienced a very wet winter and spring. It's been so soggy that farmers are at risk of losing planting days due to the water-logged soil. Farmers aren't the only ones who could suffer from the tremendous amount of rain, though. Anyone who drives could find themselves stuck in mud, especially those who live in rural or agricultural areas.

The first thing to remember if you get stuck in the mud is to be easy on your gas pedal. The harder you press on your gas pedal, the faster your wheels will spin, which will dig a deeper trench. You see, the reason you're stuck in the mud is that your tires can't get appropriate grip in slippery mud, and hard acceleration won't do anything but bury your wheels deeper. You need your tires to move slowly, so they have enough grip to pull you out of the muck.

Here are some methods you can try to help your tires get enough grip to pull you out of the mud:

  • Rock out. No, we don't mean turning your radio up. We mean to rock your vehicle back and forth. Of course, this will require help from a passenger or a kind passer-by. Rocking your vehicle back and forth may give your vehicle enough lift to rise out of the rut and get some grip.
  • Get a grip. Or should we say give your tires some grip? By placing objects in front of and below your tires, it may provide enough dry surface for your tires to grab and pull you out. Some things to try putting in front of your tires (front tires on a FWD vehicle, rear tires on a RWD): twigs, leaves, gravel, kitty litter, towels, old clothing, cardboard, car mats, blankets, or even tree bark! Just remember, whatever item(s) you use will likely be destroyed, and they will need to be disposed of properly. Never litter.
  • Push it. Just like with rocking, this method will require some help from passengers or helpful strangers. Have helpers stand toward the back of the vehicle, but not directly behind it. Standing directly behind (or directly in front of) a vehicle is dangerous. Have helpers place their full palms on the vehicle's quarter panels and push forward, all while the driver is GENTLY accelerating. Be aware that anyone helping is likely to get drenched with mud, so anyone willing to help you get un-stuck is deserving of hefty gratitude.

Wondering what you can do to avoid being stuck in the mud in the first place? One obvious option is to own a 4x4 vehicle. They're designed to give the ultimate grip in different types of situations. SVG Chevrolet has many 4 wheel drive vehicles to choose from, including ones to fit just about every budget. See what SVG Chevrolet has to offer by stopping by today!

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