You won’t believe how easy these safe driving tips are to use

Most of us drive every day. We know the importance of performing regular maintenance such as oil changes. Many people often ignore some very simple things they can do to help drive more safely. We need to be able to see properly during all road conditions, and the following tips can help you accomplish just that.

1.     Clean your windshield! The outside of your windshield can become difficult to see through after road grime, bugs, salt, tar, or other contaminants cover the surface. 1024 × 683

2.     Clean the INSIDE of your windshield! After a few weeks of regular use, even the inside of your windshield can become hazy. It can happen in vehicles that aren’t smoked in, too! Exhaust can circulate through your A/C or heating system by pulling air from the outside into the cabin which can coat the glass and cause it to be hazy. Use windex and newspaper to clean the inside glass (newspaper won’t leave fibers behind like paper towels will).

3.     Clean your wiper blades! Before you cleaned your windshield, it was coated with some pretty grubby stuff. If you used your wipers with an unclean windshield, that grime can get stuck to your wiper blades. Use a soft, soapy rag to wipe down your blades and remove any dirt on them.
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4.     Don’t forget the “hidden” parts of your door windows. When cleaning your inside glass, don’t forget to roll down your windows and wipe the top edge of the glass. Lots of dirt can hide up inside the door frame and get on the glass.
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5.     Clean your headlights! Make sure that your headlights are clean and free of debris. If your lenses have yellowed, you can try making a paste out of baking soda and water to gently scrub the surface of the lenses to remove the yellowing.

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