What to do during a test drive

So you’ve found a vehicle you like and you want to take it for a test drive. We’re going to give you some tips to help make sure you get the most out of your test drive.

1.)  Before you take that test drive, do a lot of research on the exact make/model you are interested in. Search YouTube for walk-around videos of the vehicle and try to get an understanding of the vehicle’s features and options.

2.)  If you’re ready to begin your test drive, it’s always best to take the first test drive alone. Even if a spouse or partner will have a say in the decision, you’ll want to be able to assess the vehicle without any distractions. All good sales team members will allow more than one test drive.

When you first arrive for your test drive, do a thorough inspection of the vehicle’s exterior. This is especially important for pre-owned vehicles. If you see any damage, point it out to your salesperson. Be sure to look at the tire condition as well.

If the exterior passes your visual inspection, next you should take your time in looking over the interior of the vehicle. Do the seats have stains, rips, or tears? Are the floor mats missing? Also, familiarize yourself with the vehicle’s controls. Find out how to turn on the wipers, the headlights, radio, adjust the seats, raise and lower the windows, and other features that you may need to use during your test drive. As with the exterior, if you see anything that you have an issue with, point it out to your salesperson.

Ask your salesperson if you can take the vehicle on a variety of roads. Can you go on the highway? Rural roads, city streets? Many dealerships have pre-determined routes they must follow for test drives due to insurance purposes, so don’t be offended if your salesperson tells you which roads you can travel. If there are no restrictions, take the vehicle on 3 different types of roads so you can get a feel of how the vehicle handles in different traffic situations.

Don’t get distracted by the radio or infotainment system. While they are attractive features, you’ll want to pay close attention to how the vehicle performs. It’s also a good idea to carefully listen to the vehicle as you perform different tasks such as  accelerating, braking, or cornering. Radios can distract you from paying thorough attention. If the vehicle makes a noise you’re not familiar with, ask your salesperson to explain.

Ask questions. At SVG, our sales staff members are patient and ready to help you find the vehicle that’s the best fit for you. They’ll treat you like family and make sure you walk away satisfied with your purchase. It’s always a good idea to write down your questions before you even begin your test drive although there’s a good chance most will be answered during your test drive.

If you’re satisfied with the vehicle, now is the time to bring your spouse, partner, or family in for a second test drive. While it may be a comfortable fit for the driver, your family deserves to have some input if they’re going to be riding in it quite often.

At SVG Chevy, you’re sure to find a vehicle that’s well-suited for you. With everything from trucks to SUVs to convertibles, our inventory can meet just about every need. Are you ready to find your next ride? Head over to our inventory pages to begin looking!