Switch to a diesel engine and THIS could happen!

SVG Chevrolet has an incredible deal for anyone who is looking for a brand new car that's going to be reliable, save money on gas, and look good, too!


Hybrid vehicles are great at saving their owners money on gas. However, those who are concerned with fuel mileage may be overlooking a type of vehicle that has the ability to save its owners on much more than fuel costs: diesel powered vehicles. SVG Chevrolet has three hold-over vehicles with diesel engines; these vehicles will save their owners a significant amount of money for fuel, but they'll also save money on the purchase price since the models are hold-overs. What's a hold-over? It's simply a brand new vehicle from the previous model year. These vehicles have full factory warranty, have never been titled or owned by anyone, but because they are not the current year model, they receive discounts.

Here are some great reasons why the economy-minded person should consider purchasing a diesel powered car:
  •  A 2018 Chevy Cruze outfitted with a diesel engine can get up to 75 mpg. According to ABC News, the average American travels 16 miles to work (one-way). This equates to using 2.1 gallons of gas per week for commuting to your job. Reuters reports that the average gasoline-powered vehicle in America gets 24.7 mpg. These vehicles will use 6.5 gallons of gas per week. With the average cost in mid-western American states of $3.03 per gallon for diesel fuel (at the time of writing), it could cost the average person $6.36 per week to get to work. The gasoline driver will spend $2.71 per gallon, costing them $17.61 per week for commuting. One month's worth of fuel savings for the diesel driver is $45. 
  • Diesel engines are not noisy as they were in the past, plus they emit less carbon dioxide than gasoline vehicles.
  • It's not uncommon for diesel vehicles to still be running strong at 250,000 miles or even 500,000 miles (with proper maintenance)!
  • Chevrolet is offering $2500 cash back on 2018 Cruzes through 6/3/2019!
  • Diesel engines usually require less maintenance than gasoline engines of the same or similar size.
  • Diesel engines typically have more torque than gasoline engines.
  • Hauling a trailer or load is much easier for a diesel engine than a gasoline engine.
  • Higher resale value. While cases vary from vehicle to vehicle, diesel owners can expect a higher resale value when it comes time to sell or trade-in the vehicle.
  • Less time spent at the gas station means more time for fun things.
What do you think? Are you ready to start saving on your fuel costs and jump in to a brand new Chevy Cruze? Stop by SVG Chevrolet today and test drive one of these fantastic cars; we're sure you'll fall in love with the savings, efficiency and looks. Call 937-548-7643 for more information about the the Chevy Cruze.

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