Cars are lasting longer, but with this comes some consequences

New vehicles are being built with increasing technology and improved performance every year. The result is that most consumers can expect to get 150,000 miles out of their vehicles with no major issues, provided their maintained properly. However, this increased drivetrain durability hasn't quite transitioned over to vehicle interiors...yet.

Vehicle manufacturers are working every day to increase the longevity of the cars and trucks we drive. This has lead to a new difficulty...vehicle interiors aren't quite keeping up. Of course manufacturers are working on this problem, but until that time, owners are being encouraged to take better care of their vehicle's carpets, upholstery, and seats. Here are some tips to help keep your vehicle's interior clean for years to come:

1.  Clean your dashboard and interior surfaces with a coffee filter. They are lint-free and have a surface that's perfect for grabbing up dust.

2. Clean between the fins of your A/C vents with a foam craft brush. It's great for fitting into small spots to pull out dust and debris.

3.  Grab a can of compressed air from your favorite office supply store. It's very useful for blowing out crumbs from nooks and crannies.

4.  Have a dirty cup holder? Put a sock on the bottom of a travel cup, and spray it with Windex. Twist the cup in your cup holder and voila! Cleaned!

5.  For those with cloth interiors, you can use a clean toothbrush to brush out crumbs and dirt from your seats.

6.  Invest in a cheap pair of floor mats to use instead of (or over top of) your factory floor mats.

7.  Use window shades to help protect your interior from the sun's harmful effects. It can help prevent discoloration on your dashboard, keep your car cooler, and help leather interior stay supple longer.

We hope these tips are helpful to you, but we also know there comes a time when you've just had enough of your old vehicle and know it's time for a new one. When that time comes, head over to SVG Chevrolet in Greenville. Our large selection of vehicles with the Superior Value Guarantee is sure to impress.