Have a white vehicle? You'll be surprised to learn these facts!

Facts about white cars that may surprise you!


White has long been a popular color for vehicles. There are definitely some benefits to choosing white as the color on your car and here are some interesting facts about the color!


#1:  On average, 165,000 cars are produced every day. As of 2013, white was the most popular car color!


#2:  White cars are less likely to be stolen; blue and silver are the most common color vehicles to be stolen.


#3:  White vehicle stay cooler than other color vehicles.


#4:  White vehicles are less likely to get pulled over than vehicles with brightly colored paint.


#5: Because white vehicles are more easily seen by other drivers, they’re 10% less likely to be involved in accidents during daylight hours.


#6:  Scratches or dents on white cars are less conspicuous than on red, green or blue cars.


#7:  About the only down side to having a white vehicle is that they’re 60% more likely to be covered in bird droppings.