Strange but true car facts!

Strange but true car facts!


At SVG Chevrolet, we love all things automotive. We dug around and found some interesting but true facts about cars that we thought would be fun to share with you.


#1. If you’re an average American, you’ll spend a whole two weeks of your life sitting at a red light.


#2.  While everyone’s vehicles get dirty from time to time. Most Americans clean their cars regularly…that is unless you’re part of the 16% of the population that NEVER wash their cars.


#3. In the United States, there are enough vehicles so that every man, woman, child and infant in the population could have one each.


#4. Before the steering wheel was invented, people used levers to steer!


#5. The highest speeding ticket fine was given in Sweden. In Sweden authorities base speeding fines based on salary. As a result, one wealthy Swede received a speeding ticket of $1,000,000.


#6.  You’ve seen SmartCars before. They’re the impossibly small vehicles designed to make inner-city commutes efficient. Would you believe the highest number of people that will fit into a SmartCar is NINETEEN?! I’m sure it’s not comfortable though!


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