Have a teen driver in the house? These facts will make you appreciate how Chevrolet is helping.

Have a teen driver in the house?  These facts will make you appreciate how Chevrolet is helping.

There’s nothing quite like getting your driver’s license. For most teens, it’s the first step toward independence, and provides the freedom to explore the world, get a job, and experience adult responsibilities. For parents, having a teen driver is pretty intimidating. This is understandable when you consider the following statistics.

#1: 33% of deaths occurring in 13-19 year olds in 2010 were caused by motor vehicle accidents.

#2: A full 56% of teens admit to talking on the phone while driving.

#3: Talking or texting while driving doubles the chances of having an accident.

#4: One in five drivers will have their first accident at age 16.

#5: Over half of all teen drivers rely on their parents to teach them how to drive. Parents who have poor driving habits inadvertently teach their children the same bad habits.

Because Chevy cares about everyone’s safety, they offer help to teen drivers through a wide variety of sources. You can see what programs and features Chevy offers for teens here. After viewing that website, it’s easy to see that if you have a teen driver in your home, a Chevy is a good choice for their first car. Stop by SVG Chevrolet on Russ Road in Greenville to see all of the great cars available for your teen driver.