Google Maps now Make Driving Electric Vehicles Easier

You Can Now Find Electric Vehicle Charging Points on Google Maps

While it is quite environmentally friendly to use an electric vehicle (EV) for courier work, there are some practical challenges. One of them is trying not to run out of power during the day, which could become a hassle and leave the consignment stranded somewhere. However, in good news for those who make a living from courier work, recharging the vehicle ...
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Furbaby Traveling Tips

More and more, Americans are treating their pets more like members of their families. At SVG, we love our pets and we thought you might appreciate some tips on how to bring your fur babies on the road. What may seem like an ordinary drive to you will be an exciting adventure for them, and their enthusiasm will rejuvenate your energy no end.

Whether you’re eager to bring your cat or dog (it may be wise to leave the more unusual creatures such as rabbits or snakes at home), this guide offers top tips and advice on what supplies…
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All About Vehicle Glass Sealants

Cars nowadays are fitted with all sorts of different technology. If you want your car to work properly then you should have a proper understanding of all its bells and whistles. For instance, the glass windshields of cars are coated with a sealant to repel water from its surface. Moreover, it also helps in preventing etching of the glass surface by containment too. However, most people don’t know about it and have no idea that checking your glass sealants is an important task. Here is how you can remedy that.
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Don’t ignore that owner’s manual!

Many people ignore one of the most helpful items that come with a new vehicle. The owner’s manual! They contain so much valuable information that we highly recommend reading them.

Need help regarding the periodic maintenance of your car? Don’t worry! The listed features will provide you with all the necessary details about the the required service and when it should be performed.

Purchasing the car and using it outside of the manufacturer’s specifications can void your warranty. So before you go rent that U-Haul, make sure your vehicle is rated to be able to tow.
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How Do Airbags Work?

There is no denying the fact that airbags have made cars a lot safer. Ever since their introduction in 1969 as ‘Air Pillows’, they have helped in bringing down accident mortality rates to a bare minimum. However, recently the safety of airbags has been questioned. This has lead people to wonder if these safety devices can, in fact, be dangerous. We need to understand the internal working of an airbag in order to answer this question.

The Science Behind Airbags
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How To Maintain Your Windshield for Safe Night Driving

Driving at night can be a risky and dangerous venture due to reduced visibility, which puts extra pressure on drivers to be more vigilant and alert at all times and ensure that their vehicle and their passengers are safe at all times. One of the main parts of a vehicle that impacts visibility for drivers is its windshield, and therefore, it needs to be maintained regularly and thoroughly so that safety is not compromised and that there is optimal visibility at all times. Let’s look at how to maintain your vehicle windshield to drive safely at night time.
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Cars are lasting longer, but with this comes some consequences

New vehicles are being built with increasing technology and improved performance every year. The result is that most consumers can expect to get 150,000 miles out of their vehicles with no major issues, provided their maintained properly. However, this increased drivetrain durability hasn't quite transitioned over to vehicle interiors...yet.

Vehicle manufacturers are working every day to increase the longevity of the cars and trucks we drive. This has lead to a new difficulty...vehicle interiors aren't quite keeping up.
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Chevy ups the ante on Bolt's mileage for 2020

GM announces the 2020 Bolt EV will provide enhance range

Twenty-one is the magic number for the Chevy Bolt EV in 2020. “The Bolt EV set the benchmark for long-range, affordable electric vehicles, and we’re excited to raise the bar by offering nearly 10 percent more EPA-estimated range for the 2020 model year,” said Tim Grewe,
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Have a teen driver in the house? These facts will make you appreciate how Chevrolet is helping.

Have a teen driver in the house?  These facts will make you appreciate how Chevrolet is helping.

There’s nothing quite like getting your driver’s license. For most teens, it’s the first step toward independence, and provides the freedom to explore the world, get a job, and experience adult responsibilities. For parents, having a teen driver is pretty intimidating. This is understandable when you consider the following statistics...

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