Get an Easy Online Estimate for Your Vehicle's Trade-In Value

Trading in an old car is a typical part of the car buying process for most shoppers in the areas around Piqua, OH and Richmond, IN. If you're among those considering a trade-in deal, SVG Chevrolet has a great way to help you prepare.

We've partnered with Kelley Blue Book to bring you a convenient trade-in estimate tool. In just a few minutes, you can find out how much to expect on a trade-in offer for your car.

All you have to do is fill in your vehicle's information and Kelley Blue Book will cross reference the details against its database of listed vehicles. You'll get a value estimate based on similar cars on the market.

Benefits of Trading Your Car in at a Dealership Like SVG Chevrolet

Trading in your used car at our dealership near Troy, OH has some compelling benefits. While selling your car privately can result in delays, headaches, and overall inconvenience, trading at a dealership can be fast and easy. It's a quick way to reduce stress and simplify your overall car shopping experience to help get you behind the wheel of a new Chevy quickly and conveniently.

To start with, trading your old car in at SVG Chevrolet can save you time. We can appraise the vehicle, make an offer, and seal the deal all in the same day. It's quick process that saves the time and effort of listing the car on your own.

You can also plan on getting a fair offer from our team. We know that you're counting on a good trade-in deal to help with your next purchase. We'll work with you to make sure your deal fits your expectations. Come see us today at our location near Englewood, OH for help with your trade-in appraisal.

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